Pinewood Create Lasting Memorial to Mark Armistice Day

‘We will remember them.’ These are the words which now are proudly displayed in the Hall at Pinewood School, on a commemorative mosaic which was designed and created to mark 100 years since the end of WW1.

Pinewood SchoolThe project was started in early Autumn, with every member of the Pinewood Community having the opportunity to contribute. From nursery, right through to some of the longest serving members of staff, tiles were carefully placed on the board, under the watchful eye of Karen Wones from Mint Mosaics.

The idea, that was born out of a collaboration between the History and Art Departments, was thoroughly embraced by the whole school and the wider Pinewood Community. The children initially drew designs and gave suggestions as to how the finished piece should look, which Head of Art, Paul Minter, then used to create the final design. The project was funded by Friends of Pinewood and many parents were involved in helping the children to take part.

Pinewood SchoolMelanie Hughes, Head of History says: “This project really was a whole school collaboration from the start right through to the finish. Children were afforded time to reflect on the sacrifices of the WW1 generation and welcomed being involved in a project which commemorated this. The mosaic is now displayed in the Hall where it will stay for years to come’.

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